PN calls for police investigation after countless Transport Malta scandals

The PN's press conference follows Transport Malta's CEO Jonathan Borg's resignation following allegations that employees were instructed to lie under oath

The Nationalist Party has called for a police investigation into the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) scandal within Transport Malta, asserting that Transport Malta's ongoing internal investigation is in no way credible.

The boats in question, also referred to as RHIBs, were rendered unusable shortly after they were purchased. In its report into the purchase of the vessles, the NAO had noted how the process to purchase the sea vessels was led by one person with insufficient overview from the other members of the team tasked with the project. This resulted in a “suboptimal outcome”, the NAO said.

On Tuesday, the PN called for police intervention without delay, citing months of unresolved issues. The PN's press conference follows TM's CEO Jonathan Borg's resignation following allegations that employees were instructed to lie under oath.

MPs Ivan Castillo, Mark Anthony Sammut, and Darren Carabott expressed concern over the scandal's magnitude and subsequent lack of accountability. Sammut criticised the absence of certification for the RHIBs and alleged misuse of TM for personal gain.

Castillo emphasised the unfit state of the boats which he said are still collecting dust till this day and questioned the government's awareness and response to the situation. 

Meanwhile, Carabott highlighted the serious governance and financial implications following TM's numerous scandals, citing deficiencies across all procurement phases of the RHIBS as highlighted by the NAO. He further questioned the delay in police involvement despite emerging details.

The MPs also raised concerns about intimidation of Transport Malta workers and the lack of accountability for fines.