Kusi Dismark has left Malta voluntarily, will not face ban, lawyers say

Lawyers for Ghanaian national Kusi Dismark, who has been deported after 13 years in Malta, say the incident highlights the need to regularise stateless individuals in Malta

Kusi Dismark left Malta for Ghana on Friday morning after he “willingly agreed to repatriation”, his lawyers said in a statement.

They added that after intervention from the home affairs ministry, Dismark will not face a ban on entry into Malta.

Dismark, who has lived in Malta for 13 years after arriving here as an undocumented migrant, had opened a barber shop in Ħamrun and even took a course at MCAST.

He was detained on 21 January by immigration officers in a move that shocked friends and prompted calls from activists for a more humane immigration policy.

Dismark’s lawyers Adrian Sciberras and Gianluca Cappitta said Dismark engaged in “a constructive dialogue” with the Principal Immigration Officer on Thursday evening.

“The meeting proceeded in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Following extensive deliberation, Kusi made the decision to voluntarily return to Ghana. This decision was reached after careful consideration and consultation with us, as his lawyers,” the statement reads.

It continues: “Despite enduring a stateless status for over 12 years, Kusi will not face a ban thanks to the Ministry of Home Affairs' intervention, which facilitated his repatriation. This incident highlights the numerous stateless individuals on our island, stressing the need for initiatives aimed at regularising their legal status.”

Dismark’s lawyers said that with Kusi’s aspirations to live and work in Europe momentarily paused, there was a silver lining since he will be reunited with his mother after more than a decade away from Ghana.

“We remain committed to supporting him in his journey. Kusi is in good spirit and maintains an optimistic outlook for his future in Malta,” the lawyers said.