Floriana local councillor calls for upkeep of Jubilee Grove

In a short video, Floriana local councillor raised concerns over the green space's abandoned state

Floriana PN local councillor James Aaron Ellul has appealed for his locality's Jubilee Grove to be given the appreciation and cleansing it deserves.

In a short video, Ellul also raised concerns about red circles appearing on trees at the site. There has been no clarification on the purpose of these markings, leading to fears that the trees may be subject to severe pruning or removal.

Ellul highlighted that the grove, located opposite the Sa Maison Ferry Terminal, has been neglected for years. He further mentioned that a few weeks ago, he had urged the Floriana Local Council to address the grove's deteriorating condition.

In his video, Ellul also pointed out graffiti on the Floriana fortification walls, situated further up from the trees, noting that unlike other walls in Malta, the Floriana Lines have never been restored.

In 2017, Ellul had proposed a motion for a comprehensive revamp to transform the area into a recreational family park.

He concluded by once again appealing for the recognition that this grove deserves.