Mater Dei action plan envisages increase in bed capacity and larger ICU

Health Minister launches strategic action plan for Mater Dei Hospital

Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela unveils the Mater Dei Hospital action plan (Photo: DOI)
Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela unveils the Mater Dei Hospital action plan (Photo: DOI)

In a recent press conference, Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela outlined a strategic action plan for Mater Dei Hospital, addressing three key priorities: urgent care, bed capacity, and intensive care unit (ICU) expansion. The plan is structured in three phases, each with immediate and long-term implementation stages.

A significant component of this plan includes the expansion of the Emergency Department to improve the treatment of urgent conditions. "Our goal is to double the capacity of the Emergency Department from 35 to 70 cubicles, representing an investment exceeding €17 million," Minister Abela stated.

To enhance overall efficiency, a new call center service will soon be launched. This service, integrating Primary Care and the Emergency Department with support from specialised professionals and the private sector, aims to provide timely and effective patient care.

Abela said plans are underway to construct a helipad at Gozo General Hospital and to reintroduce the use of the helipad adjacent to Mater Dei.

Given the limited space at Mater Dei, the minister said it is necessary to relocate certain services, such as outpatients and day surgery, to the Censu Moran Centre and the St Luke’s campus. This relocation is expected to free up approximately 600 additional beds for patient use.

The ICU will also see significant upgrades, with a €7 million investment to expand the space by 40%. "The government's vision is holistic and has been developed in consultation with healthcare employees. We are committed to continuing to enhance the excellence of the services provided," Abela said.