Abela ignores Fearne, Muscat criminal charges as he calls for votes

This week, Muscat, Fearne, Schembri, Mizzi, and several others were charged in connection to hospitals deal

Robert Abela with his wife, Lydia, at a PL rally in Żejtun on Sunday. Photo: PL
Robert Abela with his wife, Lydia, at a PL rally in Żejtun on Sunday. Photo: PL

Robert Abela made no mention of Joseph Muscat and his ex-right hand Chris Fearne during his Sunday speech as they face criminal charges.

Instead, the Prime Minister called for supporters to open up a dialogue with “indecisive voters” in an effort to “unite” the country on a road to progress.

Speaking in Żejtun, Abela thanked the party’s followers and supporters for all their work in propelling the country forward and keeping it united. However, as he called for the country to, once again, lend him strength, the PM chose not to speak about the party’s criminal headlines from the past week.

On Tuesday, Joseph Muscat was charged in court alongside Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and several others for their role in the fraudulent hospitals deal following the conclusion of a magisterial inquiry.

On Wednesday, ex-deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne was also charged alongside former Finance Minister Edward Scicluna.

The inquiry, published by MaltaToday, delved into a fraudulent agreement that granted three public hospitals to Vitals Global Healthcare in 2015. It established that millions in public funds entrusted to the company were transferred to other companies connected to it.

Making no mention of the court cases except for an accusation that the “Establishment” is making moves against the government – a recently popular mantra for the PM – Abela promised party supporters that nothing will get in the way of the PL’s positive results.

“If you stay with me, we will continue reaching these results. Not even a pandemic stopped us from achieving results, not wars nor attacks from the Establishment can stop us,” Abela said to applause.

And, for the upcoming MEP and local council elections, Abela vowed to convince more people to follow in the party’s wake.

PL supporters should speak to those who are still indecisive regarding their upcoming vote, showing them the beauty of “responsible politics,” he continued.

“We built this country together,” Abela said, promising to close another PL chapter with a win.

“It is in your hands if you want to once again give me your strength,” Abela said, closing off his speech to applause