Daniel Micallef steps down as PL's deputy leader for party affairs

Labour deputy leader Daniel Micallef says he will be stepping down but insists decision has nothing to do with Saturday’s dismal result • Robert Abela lambasts party administration during executive meeting

Daniel Micallef
Daniel Micallef

Labour's deputy leader for party affairs, Daniel Micallef is set to leave his post. 

Sources have told this newspaper that during Monday's joint meeting between the PL parliamentary group and the executive, Micallef had announced his intention to step aside. 

On Tuesday, Micallef took to Facebook where he confirmed that he will, "continue to work in this transition period," so that the party renews itself. 

He stated that some two years ago he had informed Robert Abela of this decision to step down from his post after the 2024 MEP elections.

Despite this, Micallef said that this doesn't reduce his responsibility for the MEP election results which left many in shock. He agreed with Robert Abela’s comments on the result where he had stated that the election result sent a message that one should heed and, “make the necessary decisions.”

Micallef said that he would speak more about his resignation in the coming days.

Micallef's resignation could lead to a possible dual deputy leadership race throughout the summer. This comes as Chris Fearne had resigned from Cabinet last May and had stayed on as the PL's deputy leader for parliamentary affairs.

If Fearne resigns, the party would be set for two internal races for top spots this summer.