Culture Minister expresses interest in political satire during Carnival

Malta’s own Carnival product to take part in Italy’s Carnival in Viareggio.

Carnival float maker Henry Caruana will represent Malta during Italy’s Viareggio Carnival
Carnival float maker Henry Caruana will represent Malta during Italy’s Viareggio Carnival

Newly appointed Culture Minister Mario de Marco has called for more spontaneity during the Carnival season, while expressing the interest of having political satire included during the season famous for its masquerade and floats.

"It is high time that we accept political satire. We are a country which is maturing in that direction and I am ready to discuss this point," de Marco said this morning.

Speaking during the launch of this year's Carnival programme, de Marco highlighted the importance of Carnival as part of the Maltese tradition.

"This year we'll be celebrating the 485th anniversary of this event which is entrenched in the Maltese history. But it wouldn't have been possible for this attraction to remain alive without the hard work of over 100 volunteers," de Marco said, adding that Malta has become known for having one of the best Carnivals in Europe.

The Culture Minister said that over 60,000 persons visit the Carnival each year. Aware of the participants' hard work and its attraction not only to locals but also to foreigners, de Marco announced government's allocation of €700,000 during this year's budget.

"€700,000 will go for the creation of a Carnival village in Corradino. It will consist of 22 warehouses which include facilities whereby Carnival enthusiasts will not only work on their floats but will be able to host dance rehearsals and more."

This year's Carnival will be spread over five days of celebrations, parades, colour and fun.

This year's line-up includes a Saturday night programme (February 18) where popular local bands and singers will perform at Great Siege Square, Valletta.

Zachary Street and Melita Street will host a traditional spontaneous and satirical Carnival - a taste of what goes on in the streets of Ħal Għaxaq.

Mini floats and dance groups will also be part of the night Carnival.

De Marco also made a public call for more spontaneity: "This is what makes Carnival after all."

Malta Carnival 2012 will also participate in one of the largest and most popular Carnivals in Europe, Italy's Viareggio Carnival. Malta's participation will consist of an Isolated Mask by Henry Caruana.

Caruana started taking part in the event when he was just a little boy. At the age of 16, he started his own Carnival organisation. 26 years later, Ta' Kiku Karnival will be taking part in Viareggio's Carnival.

"It's been my dream for the past 10 years," Caruana told MaltaToday. Standing proud by his Carnival float, he explained that the grotesque mask is a "jigsaw puzzle connecting Malta with Italy".

The float includes a Maltese knight and an Italian clown - il pagliaccio.

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interesting concept except we would have to extend carnival if we had to include all the Governmental and Opposition's comdey of errors...
Luke Camilleri
Kieku certament li l-aktar maksaruni li naraw fuq il-karrijiet ikunu tal-Prim, Austin Gatt u Gorg Pullicino.