'Gentleman, statesman' Censu Tabone passes away

Update 3 | President Emeritus Censu Tabone has died, aged 99.

Former President Censu Tabone with his wife Maria
Former President Censu Tabone with his wife Maria

Former President of the Republic Censu Tabone has passed away, aged 99 at his home in St. Julian's.

Tabone, who served in Cabinets under Prime Ministers Gorg Borg Olivier and Eddie Fenech Adami, was elected by Parliament to serve at the Palace between 1989 and 1994.

Tabone served as foreign minister under Eddie Fenech Adami's government in 1987, and minister of labour under Borg Olivier's administration in the 1960's.

Renowned for his charisma, Tabone was an ophthalmic surgen who served for the World Health Organisation in the Far East and in Iraq.

Surrounded by his  eight children, 19 grand-children and 24 great-grand children, Censu Tabone and his wife Maria recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Prime Minsiter Lawrence Gonzi, who reacted to the news of Censu Tabone's demise from London, paid tribute to the former Statesman and announced a State Funeral, which details are to be made public in the coming hours.

The Prime Minister said that Censu Tabone's political career which spanned more than 50 years brought a drastic change to Malta's political landscape, by achieving Independence in 1964 and Malta's quest for EU membership.

Gonzi said that Censu Tabone's biggest achievement was regaining Malta's credibility on the international stage when appointed foreign minister in 1987 under a new PN government in 1987 under Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami.

In another statement, the Nationalist Party paid tribute to Censu Tabone, describing him as a 'gentleman politician' who dedicated his life to the people, not only as a doctor, but also as a politician.

The PN saluted Censu Tabone as a true servant of the state, who cared and listened to people, while also putting his country's interest first.

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat said Tabone had always served with humanity and humility throughout his professional and political career.

Alternattiva Demokratika also expressed its condolences to the Tabone family.

AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio said: "We mourn the death of President Censu Tabone, who distinguised himeself as a politician with human qualities, who always remained close to the common people."

The Socjeta Filarmonika Sliema, where Tabone spent 28 years as the Society's President, sent condolences to Tabone's wife Maria and all his family.

In 1994, Tabone was named as President Emeritus Ad Vitam of the Society.

Martin Balzan, president of the Medical Association of Malta, said Tabone - who is an Honorary President of the MAM - will always be remembered as "an exemplary person, who was very polished and diplomatic in his approach, and for this reason commanded great respect amongst the medical profession, the political class and the maltese people in general".

Balzan said the Medical profession will always remain grateful for his great contribution for the setting up of MAM in the mid-1950s.

"In his work an opthalmologist, he led the efforts to the eradication of the blinding eye disease trachoma, both in Malta overseas," Balzan said.







Grazzi lil Alla li tana lil nies bhal Censu Tabone biex intaffu ftit mill-misthija tas-socjalizmu malti bil-lembubi u l-gass tad-dmugh komunista. Grazzi Censu Tabone.
Why is it that we cannot honour a man who dedicated his life to the country (note: not to the party)without all the cheap shots, especially from those who are holier than the Pope? Then again what do expect from someone who has overseen (and possibly promotes)all this bile and hatred, of Maltese spitting venom at fellow Maltese, and then goes a hiding behind the crucifix. Remember the divorce issue? Shame! Oqbra imbajda!
@V.Laiviera how tiresome and irritating you are, if there is anybody trying to score cheap political points it is YOU..... as usual
The PM, the leader of the opposition, alternative demokratika and President Emeritus Fenech Adami paid tribute to such a great man. No comment from Dr George Abela?
Sur Laviera..... ghandek xi problema bil verita ??? jekk fil kaz inti imissek tisthi mhux Dr Gonzi. Ghax ma tghidx li int kull ma tara huwa AHMAR BISS u tara xse tigwadajna bil kliem tieghek. Nahseb Gonzi qal iktar minnek fuq Dr Tabone. Grazzi ta Kollox Dr Tabone u IVA grazzi talli mexxejt isem MAlta il quddiem meta kont ministru ta l-affarijiet barranin u anki meta kont President ta Malta. RIP.
Ian George Walker
"Gonzi said that Censu Tabone's biggest achievement was regaining Malta's credibility on the international stage" Wat a ridiculoua and tendentious claim. How shameful of Dr Gonzi to try to use an occasion like this to try to score cheap political points.
Condolences to the Tabone family. Dr Tabone has been properly described as a "gentleman politician", Someone whose political career is a shining example to those of today to learn from.