Eddie Fenech Adami hails Censu Tabone as ‘political, social icon’

Former President, Prime Minister and PN leader Eddie Fenech Adami has paid tribute to Censu Tabone, describing him as a “political and social icon.’

Former President Eddie Fenech Adami
Former President Eddie Fenech Adami

In comments to MaltaToday, Fenech Adami expressed sorrow at the news of Censu Tabone's demise, saying that the country has lost a true gentleman, who was truely dedicated to his country and family.

"He was an icon in every sense, starting from his family values: He always put his family first, and then came his duty towards his country, the people and his patients," Fenech Adami said, adding that what struck him most about Censu Tabone was his "undying mental and physical energy" in carrying out his duties.

Eddie Fenech Adami's friendship with Censu Tabone dates back to the early 1960's when Censu Tabone was elected PN secretary general.

"In 1962, I was assistant secretary general to Censu Tabone and we worked together ever since. He was a man who was dedicated to everything he was entrusted to do, and this loyalty towards his duties remained within him till the very end," he said.

The collaboration between the two Statesmen grew further when Fenech Adami became PN leader in 1977, Prime Minister in 1987, and Censu Tabone was appointed foreign minister.

"Censu Tabone enjoyed worldwide respect," Fenech Adami claimed, adding that it his work heading Malta's diplomacy in the late 1980's led the nation to rebuild its international image.

Eddie Fenech Adami recalled the moment which impressed him most about Censu Tabone in 1978, when the two had travelled to China on an official visit.

"I remember that we had visited a hospital, and I was surprised to see that the Chinese had known about Censu's great contribution to cure trachoma in Taiwan, and the staff there had organised a reception for him in gratitude."

Patetiku ....... Victor !!!!! Il Lejber b'nies bhalek baqa fl oppizzjoni ghal 25 sena (kwazi)!!!! Ma titghallmu QATT.... R.I.P. DR Tabone.
Bhas-soltu, kliem ta` veru statista minn Eddie. R.I.P. Eccellenza Tabone Kondoljanzi lill-familja Tabone.
Ian George Walker
"his work heading Malta's diplomacy in the late 1980's led the nation to rebuild its international image." Malta's international image needed no rebuilding - Helsinki had given us a status unprecedented for a small state like Malta. More cheap political shots at the expense of a deceased man. Shame