‘MEP election preceded Abela Baldacchino’s allegations’ - Mallia

Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia says that MEP election preceded Abela Baldacchino’s fraud accusations, insists ‘Labour acted correctly at the time’

Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia
Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia

Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia dismissed Nationalist deputy leader and PN Simon Busuttil's tirade against Labour regarding Caludette Abela Baldacchino's election to the European Parliament, pointing out that the MEP election took place well before any criminal accusations emerged in her regard.

Mallia was reacting to statements by Busuttil where the PN MP set his sights on the Labour government for allowing Claudette Abela Baldacchino to contest the MEP casual election held earlier that day.

"I feel I should answer to Busuttil's statements, even if it is somewhat clear that he was preaching to the gallery probably to attract votes in another forum," Mallia said. "I feel that most of what he said was incorrect, and it would unfair if the people following are not in a position to weigh both sides of the issue."

He noted that Busuttil "gave the impression that it is a sin for those facing criminal procedures to occupy such a role" but pointed out that according to criminal procedures, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

He also expressed surprise at Busuttil's remark where he augured that Abela Baldacchino "would be declared innocent."

He insisted that "if one is presumed innocent to start off with, one is not declared innocent, but -if anything - guilty. The presumption of innocence is automatic, and does not need to be 'proven'."

"I would have expected Busuttil, who studied law as I did, and who will be soon standing before his party's councillors in a leadership election, to know this, and be truthful," Mallia said.

Mallia also pointed out that the MEP election took place before any allegation or criminal accusation against Abela Baldacchino had surfaced.

"When Abela Baldacchino contested the MEP elections, she was not facing criminal proceedings. That was when the party could have decided to stop her from contesting the election. At the time, Labour acted correctly as she was not facing any charges."

Mallia noted that subsequently, the criminal charges emerged, but said that "in the meantime, she had contested the election, and won a certain volume of votes."

"When the vacancies in the European Parliament were created, she had every right to contest the casual election without requesting permission from the party," Mallia insisted.

Dan Dr Simon jimpressjonani. Qed jakkuza bniedma li l kaz taghha ghadu ghaddej, metqa jaf li bhala avukat, la l kaz ma nqatx ghada mhux hatja, imma mhux dik is sabiha, dan qed juri kemm veru qatt ma kien jghix Malta ghax minghalija kien hemm xi wahda kienet tibat sms u icempel anonimu lil Dr Justine Caruana, u wara li nqabdet amettiet u talbet skuza, u hallewaq tohrog ghal elezzjoni tal 2013. Sur Busuttil indaga please u gharraf lil poplu ghala hallejtuha tikkontesta meta hiu stess ammettiet.
The more Simon Busuttil opens up his mouth and says something the more he heads 'gas down straight to the wall'. Some people seem to never learn....... or tend to forget ......... Simon seems to have forgotten the what he studied ........people are presumed innocent and are NOT proved to be innocent.
proset dot.Taf min imissu jisthi.KESSLER
Simon Busuttil jibrilla fis-sensazzjonalizmu. Dan minghalih li Malta rat id-dawl kemm ilu hu vici kap tal-PN, ghax dak kollu li gara aktar minn 6 xhur ilu, huwa ma jafx bih u lanqas jikkummenta fuqu. Povru PN, b'min se jitqanna bhala kap!