Calls for maps delineating private property in countryside

Alternattiva Demokratika says public should know which areas of the Maltese countryside are accessible to the public.

Alternattiva Demokratika has called on the government to publish maps delineating private property across the Maltese countryside.

The call was made after the FKNK issued a directive to its hunters insisting they should block access to members of the Ramblers Association from entering their land in the countryside. The directive, the federation said, should be applied even when hunting and trapping seasons are closed.

In a statement, AD chairperson Arnold Cassola said a clear map should be published.

"In view of the FKNK's directive to its members to ban access to their private property to members of the Ramblers Association all year round, we are asking Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to instruct the Lands Registry Department to immediately produce maps on the ownership of Maltese countryside," Cassola said.

He said this would enable Maltese and Gozitans to know what land is really private and "which public land has been stolen for years by private individuals for their own egoistic personal use".

Cassola also urged the Prime Minister to ensure that the laws of the country are respected with regards to right of passage over private land. 

For once I totally agree with Mr Cassola. The FKNK have no right to stop Maltese citizens from enjoying the countryside. Government should take steps to clear all the blocked footpaths and heavily fine those who have done so.
I know that Ramblers Association have long protested against the abuse of Simblija by one man who abuses all those who in his opinion trespass on the footpath that leads to Simblija, falsely claiming that he owns the place when the Government spent hundreds of thousands of euros of public funds to restore it, and compensated farmers and this man's father building other premises instead in the vicinity. The Police though requested to intervene several times by the victims of his atrocities have done absolutely nothing to protect them and our National Heritage.
I totally agree with AD. Simblija l/o Dingli / Rabat has been restored out of public funds, the "farmers" compensated with other buildings so that the Government can take over the historical site, and yet there is a man who abuses all visitors and threatening them with dogs, taking abusive photos of them and the POLICE DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT.?????
And how about regulating the height of walls ?