Higher chance of being robbed... if you swim in Sliema

Police statistics confirm 283 theft reports from beaches or bays during last summer, and 250 mobile phones stolen in four months.

Tower Road... watch out for pickpockets
Tower Road... watch out for pickpockets

According to statistics published in today's edition of 'Illum', Sliema was the location with the highest cases of thefts at bays or beaches.

Statistics provided by the Police show that last summer, there were 283 cases of theft from bays or beaches. 91 cases were reported at Sliema, with the majority of the cases happening on Tower Road.

St Julian's was the second locality with the most theft cases, having 63 reports, 20 of which happened at St. George's Bay. Mellieħa followed with 40 cases. Both St George's Bay and Mellieħa Bay enjoy a blue flag status.

Mobile phones seem to be what the thieves look out for. From these 283 cases, a total of 250 mobile phones were stolen.

"Thieves usually steal bags which are easily accessible and left unattended. Usually these bags include personal items such as wallets, keys and phones," a police source said.

In Gozo last summer, there were 23 reports, including 9 cases in Għajnsielem.

See the full statistics in today's issue of 'Illum'

The Sliema Local Council should be responsible enough to appoint beach persons to have a look unless they are happy with the decrease of people going to Sliema for swimming.
Emmanuel Mallia
We do not come or swim in Sliema, until they resolve the parking problem.
"Higher chance of being robbed..if you swim in Sliema" Could that be because there are more foreign students that live around Sliema/St Julians? On the other hand what better place to steal a purse or a mobile? Everybody is swimming and leave their belongings on the beach unattended and thieves study such opportunities to steal. If you are going swimming ask the person next to you to please watch your belongings and then you can reciprocate the kind act. On the other hand if one wants to steal he knows exactly what to look for.