Arriva wants bendy buses back on the streets

Arriva Malta says tests on bendy buses have been concluded 'as a resounding success'.

Arriva Malta wants its bendy buses back on the roads after confirming that safety tests on bendy buses were successfully completed over the weekend.

In a statement, the public transport service provider said two buses, including one involved in a fire, were tested.

These buses, it said, were tested to extreme conditions over a constant 36 hour period in accordance with the detailed plan presented to Transport Malta last week. 

"The tests have been concluded as a resounding success and an independent body has also certified that the plans have been concluded correctly on the buses,"  Mark Bowd, Managing Director for Arriva Malta said.

Arriva Malta will present the certificates to Transport Malta to permit these buses to return to service and works will commence on the remaining bendy fleet.

The company however failed to explain what had caused a number of its bendy buses to catch fire.

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If the bendybuses were not suitable for the London Roads, how could they be suitable for our Roads which normally are narrower than the London ones. Arriva is claiming that the contract gives them the right to use the bendy buses. May be they bare right, one expects anything from people lioke Auistin Gatt and his clique. Hiowever the contract does not impose the right on the passengers to use these monstrosities. Wherever they cause congestions on our streets the traffic police aught to see that they are removed. So if they are to be allowed on our streets again we should BOYCOT THEM and not use them at all costs.
anton sciberras
"The company however failed to explain what had caused a number of its bendy buses to catch fire." And therein lies the problem. I don't use the bus but if I did I'd absolutely refuse to sit anywhere at the back.
Stefan Cassar
As a driver I have felt the bendy bus removal in a positive way..I HAVE STOPPED BEING SCARED OUT OF MY WITS ON SEEING THEM WHEN ON THE ROAD
Nella van der Weerden
"... works will commence on the remaining bendy fleet." Isn't it our right to know the risk we were facing and how this is now being remedied?
Arriva Wants!!! I am sorry but their service is atrocious. This morning the bus came 25 minutes later than scheduled. It is fair to say that it was far better when we had the old system of buses than now. The service is so unreliable that no one trusts it and it will remain so for years to come. The Maltese saying says "Ghamel il fama u mur orqod!!" And these same Arriva are taking millions from our taxes to provide such a shabby service. It is disgraceful.
Ritienne Mifsud
NO.....we have done much better without them. Traffic has speeded up,hold ups have been much less, as well as the anger and frustration caused by these unwanted monsters. ..and whilst we are talking about buses,has anyone noticed how depressing the livery is..Why not back to the old golden used to cheer up many a dull morning?.
albert leone
It's not what ARRIVA want, it's what the general public, commuters and consumers want! In all truth , no one seems to be missing the bendy buses or is this just my perception? More seem to miss the old buses and xarabank and the "PUNCTUAL SERVICE" they used to give that these firhazards-on-wheels !
roderick degiorgio
Can you see that without the bendy buses in St Julians and Sliema the roads are free and cars are moving better.MR Mark Bowd,these bendy buses are no good for our small island.

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