AD requests clarification over contradictory deficit projections

Alternattiva Demokratika requests publication of Auditor General’s verification report on budgetary figures.

Alternattiva Demokratika are requesting the publication of the Auditor General’s verification report, after the EU Commission contradicted the government’s deficit projections for 2014. 

During his budget speech, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna predicted Malta’s deficit for 2014 to be reduced to 2.1% of the GDP.

However, the EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn predicted that Malta will continue to have an excessive deficit of 3.4% of GDP.

“This 1.3% difference would translate into millions of Euro. It is unacceptable that two economic experts should come up with such different projections. Scicluna should publish the Auditor General's verification report immediately as in the circumstances it is more important than ever to ensure that the Finance Minister’s projections are based on hard facts," AD Chairman Arnold Cassola said.