Prostitutes to relocate due to tallest building project

The €60 million project known as ‘Metropolis’ in Testaferrata street is set to start in a couple of weeks

Artistic impression of the Metropolis project.
Artistic impression of the Metropolis project.

The construction of Malta’s tallest building in Gzira’s Testaferrata street is not enough to eradicate the stigma of Malta’s prostitution hub, Gzira Mayor Roberto Cristiano tells Illum.


“They will simply relocate to a nearby area or locality,” he says.

The €60 million project known as ‘Metropolis’ is set to start in a couple of weeks. A spokesperson for the developers said the successful bidding constructor will be chosen shortly with the construction process to take around three years.

One of the buildings will be 33-storeys tall, thus becoming the tallest building in Malta. Subsequently, the building will also affect the skyline of Valletta and the Grand Harbour. The Gzira local council did not object to the project.

“One should take everything into perspective. The building will seek to give Gzira a fresh look and will also increase the value of surrounding properties. The investment will also increase economic activity in Gzira and may also attract other investment opportunities,” the Gzira mayor said.

Roberto Cristiano conceded the building would increase traffic and parking problems.

The construction of the project has been in the pipeline since 2006 after a consortium of Maltese entrepreneurs bought the land. However, none of the local banks could back the project in the context of the economic recession.

Consequently, the land was sold to Libyan Jalal Husni Bey, whose family is renowned for its various projects in Libya.

I think that prostitutes have the right to work as well.
So this monster is going to increase the local property values? Why? Because in Summer they will be pernement shade? Screw the locals who have invested in solar heating and power.
Pretty soon we will see the prostitutes marching up and down Valleta streets, namely "Strada Stretta" protesting this unfair treatment of their profession. I also wonder if there will be any politicians leading the march?
Slowly one meter at a time Malta is being bought and paid for by foreigners and slowly being taken over by illegal immigrants. To top it all of one can invest in the Maltese Passport Scheme and Malta will be more vulnerable to the outside markets. Now that we are selling our Nationality and our Livelihood to outsiders it leaves nothing for us Maltese born citizens to hold on to. Mr Joe decided to sell 35% of Enemalta to China and I am sure more will follow. I would think the next piece of Malta to go on the selling block will be Air Malta, it seems that there are no other alternatives here. All outside sources are echoing the phrase by Clint Eastwood. "Go ahead Mr Joe make our day"..