Bureaucracy can be reduced through simplification of laws - Falzon

Commissioner for reduction of bureaucracy, Michael Falzon says bureaucracy cannot be completely eliminated but it can be reduced.

MP and commissioner for simplification and reduction of bureaucracy, Michael Falzon said that bureaucracy "cannot be completely eliminated but it certainly can be reduced."

Pointing out that excessive bureaucracy can be eliminated and this could be done through the simplification of laws. Citing the new family business act as a step in the right direction, Falzon warned "we should not open the doors and let everyone do as they like."

Speaking at a business breakfast organised by the Malta Employers Association, Falzon said: "We need a strong exercise in confidence building and we should look at strengthening the partnership between government and the private sector, especially small and micro businesses."

During the meeting entitled 'SMEs from the employers' point of view...' a number of officials from Malta Enterprise, Bank of Valletta and business leaders discussed family businesses, compliance and legal frameworks concerning SMEs.

Charlotte Camilleri from MEA said that one of the employers' main concerns was the lack of awareness on compliance and EU regulations, which she said was down to a lack of information. 

Mario Duca stressed the importance of the new family business act which will safeguard the existence of family businesses by strengthening the legal framework in order to assist family businesses in planning the transition of the business from one generation to the next.

Malta Enterprise manager George Francalanza highlighted the introduction of schemes aimed at micro enterprises, which provided investment opportunities to hundreds of SMEs and said that the micro-invest programme's budget is set to increase in 2014.

There definitely is room for reduction of bureaucracy.
If Falzon will actually manage this, he would be mine and another million Maltese taxpayers' HERO!