PN proposes removal of adoption clause from civil union bill

Civil Unions bill should not include legislative provisions on adoption, PN secretary-general Chris Said says.

The Nationalist Party tonight said that it backed the civil unions bill with MP and secretary-general Chris Said saying that despite having been ignored by the government when the law was drafted, the opposition is committed to give the country the best possible legislation.

Said explained that the amendments being presented by the Opposition are two pronged, with some of the amendemnts aimed at making a clear distiction between marriage and civil unions and the rest of the amendemnts aimed removing all references to adoption from the bill.

On making a clear distintion between marriage and civil unions, Said pointed out that "One is not better than the other but the two laws are seperate. We should find agreement on this because it reflects what both parties promised in their electoral programmes."

The Nationalist MP added that the marriage law does not make any reference to adoptions and the same should apply for the civil unions bill. Calling for consensus, Said said that the both sides should agree on this because "we all have childrens' interests first and foremost."

In reaction to Said's speech, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the Opposition had made a u-turn on its previous position on adoptions, saying that the PN's call for a social impact assessment on adoptions by gay couples did not make sense.

Muscat accused the Opposition was adamantly opposewd to adoptions bt gay couples.

While suggesting that Parliament's social affairs committee should carry out a social impact study on the adoption of children by same sex couples, Said said that adoptions should only be regulated by the adoption act.

"We believe that legal provisions on adoption should not be included in this bill on civil unions. In fact there are no provisions on adoption in the Marriage Act. The natural place where this should be addressed is the Law on Adoptions."

He added that this was being proposed for a very clear reason, "because the civil union law and the marriage law are centred around couples."

On the other hand, adoption is not about couples, but about children's' rights, Said said.

"Adoption concerns the safeguarding of children's rights. Adoption is not concerned with safeguarding the couple's rights but the children's wellbeing. Adoption is not the couple's right but the children's right."

He said that any changes to adoptions should be carried out by amending the adoption law and not the civil union bill.

David Bongailas
Since last March Claudette Buttigieg has been posing as the great champion of gay rights. What does she think about her party's opportunistic and conservative stance exactly ?
These PN fellows are not to be trusted! Values? Values tassew! Ta'vera, eh! They are simply backtracking to made it messy for the Administration to invoke this electoral promise; and to ride on the tailcoats of popular sentiment being demonstrated in online surveys.
hsimah, please explain how a child would turn out gay just because the parents are gay, how utterly pathetic of you. Then explain how a child of parents who are man and woman turn out gay? As there are quite a lot of gay people in this world whos parents are man and woman. Your reasoning is beyond belief to be honest, You can not determine how a child will turn out when its grown based on what sex the parents are. This is not a sickness as you say, This is something that has been happening for thousands of years only now its not a taboo subject as it used to be, And no I am not gay, I am a woman married to a man but if one of my children turned out to be gay the I would say to them as long as they are happy thats fine with me.,
I guess the bad apples we have had and still have around us are all fruit of gay parent hood... oh no there is still no such thing.... so how come children of hetero couples end up being rapist mass murderers and tyrants! How come How come... mummy and puppy were of good influence no they were after all of different sex!!! Maybe it was the wicked aunt or the perverted uncle or maybe whilst they were at school being bullied because they have hetero parents.... oh no that does not happen .. oh it must be the lack of religion ...oh no they were brought up surrounded with Catholic faith reverence to statues that glide thru the streets of the village... they were not savages ... so what is the problem?? They had frustrated parents who wanted divorce and had feelings for same sex persons rather than the predominant mating instinct. They had to get married to someone they could not fully love and care for make grand children for their parents ego boost and stay married for the social status. oops
@hsimah How patetic talking about children adopted by gays to be inlfuenced to turn out to be gays as well,if so why there are gays althou they groo up in a straight couples.the question is if the studies that PN is held and the studies tells that no adoption for gay coples what will happen to those already adopt children as single but living as a gay couple?they will take those kids away?
I fully agree with the Opposition's views and i feel that it is not right for Gay couples to adopt children for the simple reason that they (The children would be very much influenced to turn out to be gays as well. And secondly , as the maltesE saying "MIS SEBHA TIEHU L ID" Wherby now that marriage of the same sex is being accepted , they want more. SORRY THIS IS NOT NATURAL BUT SICKNESS.
Yes "In the Child's interest". Even gay couples who decided to adopt and put in their candidature have the interest of the child or else they would not decide to opt for this path. What stupid thinking by some of our so called intelligent politicians.