Local councils’ neglect in uploading minutes

The government requested local councils to make their minutes available online in April 2009.

Around 20 local councils have not uploaded details about their meetings for several months, despite they were requested to do so on their respective website since April 2009.

Sister newspaper ILLUM revealed that Mgarr, Paola, Qala and Ta’ Xbiex local councils have not uploaded the minutes for slightly less than a year.

The Gzira and Sannat last uploaded their minutes in May 2013, while Xewkija and St Paul’s Bay since August.

There was no record of Kalkara’s online minutes during 2013, with the last update being registered in December 2012.

The rest of the local councils had the October or November 2013 minutes as requested by law but Bormla, Floriana, Mosta and Gharghur local councils even had the December minutes on their websites.

It was the last PN government that after a public consultation in the early months of the legislature, requested all local councils to upload the minutes of the meetings on their respective websites, within two days of their approval. This recommendation had the aim to increase transparency within the same councils.

The minutes are a detailed account of what was discussed and passed in a local council meeting. They are recorded by the council’s executive secretary, and approved by the mayor in the successive meeting.  

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