Lowell to run for MEP, vows to ‘push back migrants’

Far-rightist MEP candidate shoots down European burden sharing, insists he will “resolutely” send migrants back to Africa.

Norman Lowell (centre) was accompanied by Imperium Europa candidate Antoine Galea (right).
Norman Lowell (centre) was accompanied by Imperium Europa candidate Antoine Galea (right).

Far-rightist Norman Lowell today announced his candidature for the forthcoming European Parliament elections, vowing to "steer Europe in a new direction and make Malta its spiritual centre".

This will be the third time Lowell is contesting the European elections following two dismal performances in the previous two elections. Lowell first contested the European Parliament elections in 2004, obtaining 1,603 first-count votes and in the following round in, 2009, he received 3,559 votes, or 1% of the vote.

The far-right movement Imperium Europa will be fielding at least two candidates, with Antoine Galea being the other candidate apart from Lowell. However, Lowell said that the movement would be fielding more candidates which will be announced at a later stage.

"We will reveal them when nominations open, to spare them unnecessary flak from the controlled media," Lowell said, saying that Imperium Europa would employ "Sun Tzu war tactics" and "take everyone by surprise."

Unsurprisingly, Lowell's campaign is centred on anti-migration sentiments. He warned that Malta "will be destroyed" unless drastic action is taken on a European level, and accused Prime Minister Joseph Muscat of "encouraging illegal migration" by praising the army's efforts in saving migrants at sea.

Lowell added that Muscat, who himself has faced accusations of taking a hawkish stand on migration following his failed attempt to push back migrants to Libya, was being taken for a ride by the European Union on migration. "The Prime Minister not only is being taken for a ride, but he is actually enjoying it," Lowell said.

Shooting down the two major parties' call for mandatory burden sharing, Lowell insisted that the only effective measure to address migration was to repatriate all migrants to their country of origin.

Pointing out that migration was being encouraged by government, Lowell likened it to the increase of single mothers whom he accused of having a low IQ

"By saving them at sea, Malta is encouraging migration. If, and when we are elected, we will repatriate them. We will not send them to other European countries. We will resolutely push them back," he said.  

Far-right and populist parties elsewhere in Europe are making big inroads all over the continent, with French MP Marine Le Pen's Front National and Dutch MP Geert Wilders's Party for Freedom leading the polls in France and the Netherlands respectively.

However, Lowell distanced himself from Le Pen and Wilders and said that his movement would align itself with the banned Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn and other far-right parties across Europe.

Despite ultra nationalistic and populist parties prospered amidst crisis in countries like Austria, France, the Netherlands, Greece and the UK, it seems unlikely that Lowell's Imperium Europa will reach similar levels of support. Unlike many European countries, the Maltese electorate has so far kept its faith in the established political class and xenophobic and racist voters are habitually absorbed by the two established parties.

Asked for his take on the controversial citizenship scheme which will allow wealthy foreigners to obtain a Maltese passport by investing €1.15 million, Lowell said that he opposed the sale of Maltese passports and alluded to an invasion of Jewish oligarchs.

Going off on a tangent, Lowell compared the situation to post-Soviet Russia which he said sold off its riches to 300 families, alluding at a Jewish conspiracy to take over the country's vast riches. "Who do you think will come to Malta? It will be the same people," he said, adding that African migrants were taking Maltese people's  jobs, raping women and spreading AIDS while rich people will take over the media and the country's resources.

"Maltese people will end up sandwiched like a sausage. We do not want to put Malta up for sale," he said.

Lowell's fellow Imperium Europa candidate, Antoine Galea, also addressed the event. A Lowell clone, Galea explained that migration was "damaging working conditions and the property market".

Mimicking Lowell's distinctive pose and tone, Galea said: "I'm very proud to contest the elections on Imperium Europa's ticket and soon strong group of staunch patriots will be formed in Brussels."

In his concluding remarks, Galea added that Malta needed "ideological" MEPs and not "career politicians", before following Lowell's example and making a Roman salute.

Lowell ghax ma ihallinix fil-kwiet ghax se jaghti bad image lil min mhux razzist imma jinstab imxebba bl-Ewropej jippridkawlna fuq l-immigranti illegali. Ghax ma toqghodx timmasturba wahdek kontra nies li ghandhom biss pigmentation differenti minn taghna? Ir-Razzizmu hu idjologija ta l-imghoddi!
Insejtuhom l-atrocitajiet tan-Nazi. Meta tghatu vot lil Lowell u shabu tkunu qed tizirghu iz-zerriegha tal mibgheda Faxxista mill-gdid. Harsu sew lejn ir-ritratt u wara Lowell taraw bandiera identika ghal dik tan-Nazi. Min ghandu mohh biex jahseb ha jahseb. Meta tivvotaw ivvotaw b'mohhkom u mhux b'qalbkom u la thallux l-emozzjonijiet jigru bikhom.
@xprun ... hekk tahseb habib? Jien u l-familja tieghi ghadna qatt ma vvutajna ghal MEP. Ghall l-ewwel darba sejrin nivvutaw ghal Norman .... 5 voti !!!
Every time there is an article of illegal migrants landing on our shores there is a barrage of comments attached to the article. The vast majority of comments are of grave concern that both the PN and PL are not doing anything about it. It is about time to stop moaning and complaining then. The MEP elections take place in May which is almost the beginning of the summer season, notorious with illegal migration. So let's stop moaning and vote for Normal Lowell, even if he does not make it at least we will not feel guilty when the invasion starts all over again.
Priscilla Darmenia
“Unlike many European countries, the Maltese electorate has so far kept its faith in the established political class and xenophobic and racist voters are habitually absorbed by the two established parties.” – Well this time round I am not sure if the Maltese electorate will continue to give its full support to the two established parties. There was too much talk recently when large numbers of illegal immigrants landed on our shores. – I consider the MEP elections on the same line as the local elections when it comes to party support. In the local elections a sizable group of party supporters will not find it difficult to vote for the other party candidates. In my opinion it will be the same with the MEP elections and Mr Lowell may give us some surprises.
Diga' qed jitlghabu hafna mhatri bejn min igib l-inqas voti bejn Norman Lowell u Norman Vella. Il-glieda tan-Normanni.
fl ahhar ,xi hadd fl ewropa mhux biex isahhan is-siggu biss!!!
Most Mainland European countries are those exercising a non acceptance policy under the guise of `voluntary burden sharing` You see, the operative word is `voluntary` and therefore it`s o,k for a country NOT to be involved with it unless of course the wording is changed to `Obligatory burden sharing` which carries as much chance as pork has to call itself mutton to be implemented. Inasfar as the human rights issue is concerned, the desire of these people to travel to mainland Europe is effectively curtailed by the wording of the Dublin II Treaty, obliging them to stay put in the country responsible for `rescuing them` and forbidding them to travel elsewhere, at the same time at getting the European countries to breathe a sigh of relief and profusely thanking the `legislators`who made up the wording of the treaty. So much for human rights when denying people the right to travel and settle in the country of their choice.