UHM calls off industrial action at Freeport as agreement on forced leave is reached

Union Haddiema Maghqudin calls off go-slow directive at Malta Freeport as parties reach agreement on forced leave.

The Union Haddiema Maghqudin (UHM) today ordered an industrial action at the Malta Freeport over the forced leave imposed on employees in recent weeks, however an agreement between the two parties was reached and the action was called off.

Hours before the agreemnt, UHM boss Josef Vella told MaltaToday that an agreement between the union and the Freeport's management was close and confirmed that the union had ordered a go-slow directive to pile pressure on the management as the union was locked in discussions with the Freeport management over the collective agreement.

"This morning we ordered a go-slow directive, however we will soon call it off as we are close to reaching an agreement on the forced leave with the Freeport management," Vella said.

In recent weeks, forced leave was imposed on a number of Freeport employees on certain days when the business slows down.

Reports say that as a result of the action a vessel, the Butterfly, left port without loading any containers.

Later UHM said that the Freeport suspended forced leave imposed on some workers.