Miriam Dalli to stop presenting on ONE

Interviewed by Illum, the Labour candidate speaks about her candidature, the role of women in politics and her contribution to the Labour Party in a time of consecutive electoral defeats.

MEP hopeful Miriam Dalli.
MEP hopeful Miriam Dalli.

Former Labour head of news and MEP hopeful Miriam Dalli was asked to stop presenting TX on ONE by the Labour Party, newspaper ILLUM reports.

A party directive states that during electoral campaigns, a candidate cannot be a presenter on its media in order to ensure a level playing field with other candidates.

The directive will come into effect in a couple of days, three months prior to the European Parliament elections.

Miriam Dalli, who is considered as one of the favourites to serve in Brussels, told Illum that she agreed with the directive and said that while media exposure is important, it does not ensure personal contact with the electorate.

“If you’re aiming to represent the electorate, you have to understand their concerns and listen to their daily problems. Media exposure will not grant you this,” Miriam Dalli said.

In an interview with Illum, Dalli also said she could not understand the opposition’s criticism on her appointment as advisor within the Energy ministry.

“Under PN administrations I could never aspire to be considered to particular positions, even though I had the necessary qualifications and experience. For instance, despite several years of experience in media the PBS turned me down.”

A graduate of European Studies during the nationwide debate on EU accession, Dalli said she ‘dreamed’ of serving in Brussels at one point or another in her career. Asked what was her opinion during the referendum, she said that she was always in favour of EU accession but felt the country was not ready at that particular time, opting for partnership.

The interview also touched on her contribution to the party in a time of successive electoral defeats during Sant’s leadership. The well-known presenter recounted how she never abandoned ship even in cases where she was aware that Labour was heading towards an electoral defeat. Asked what is her relationship with Sant now that he is no longer party leader but a colleague, Dalli said she always had a good relationship but also respects him as a former Prime Minister.

Read more in today’s ILLUM.

Miriam Dalli has an excellent track record, a very clean image and has never put the PL or Malta in bad light. I'm sure that she would do honour to Malta. I have no doubt that she will be elected, thus promoting the advancement of active women in politics, not by tokenism, but by sheer determination, talent and sacrifice. Good luck Miriam! Come May, I'm sure common sense will prevail.
Miriam, is such a breath of fresh air. She is young, clever, single minded and believe will be an excellent candidate for the MEP elections. I will personally vote for her.