MEPs agree to grant additional €15 million to Malta

Asylum, migration, integration and internal security funds topped up by additional €15 million in EP vote

Almost €80 million has been allocated for Malta's home affairs allocation within the EU's 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework, the EU budget.

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola said today she welcomed the vote by MEPs on the Funds for Asylum, Migration, Integration and Internal Security, which form part of the €1.12 billion package negotiated under the former Nationalist administration.

They have now been topped up by an additional €15 million for Malta, spread over the different funds, after months of negotiations between EU institutions.

The funds will see €53 million under the Internal Security Fund (External Borders and visas); €17 million under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund; and €9 million under the Internal Security Fund (Police).

"While we will continue to press for concrete solidarity with Malta, which goes beyond just funding, it is very satisfying to see that after all the tough negotiations over the past months, we have finally come to an agreement that will see close to €80 million of EU funds allocated to Malta's Home Affairs sector, the bulk of which will help deal with immigration," Metsola said.

"Over the past months, we have worked hard to ensure that Malta's amount is not cut and that our specific scenario is taken into consideration. We have managed to convince MEPs to grant close to €15 million in additional ad hoc funds that have been included to help cater for the specific circumstances faced by Malta," Metsola said.

The MEP said the ball was now in the government's court to ensure that the funds allocated are not wasted and are used in the best possible way.

"Migration is not an issue that can be dealt with simply by throwing money at it. It must be approached in a holistic manner taking into consideration all aspects of the issue. However, these funds will be used to boost our border management systems contributing also to saving lives; to improving our standards; to help with better integration measures; and to aid with the process of returns," Metsola said.

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