Labour youth president says education is essential for multiculturalism

Desperation driving migrants to risk their lives, however Malta cannot face crisis alone, Labour Youth Forum president Alex Saliba says

Alex Saliba (Photo: Ray Attard)
Alex Saliba (Photo: Ray Attard)

The Labour youth section president Alex Saliba said that while everyone has a right to express an opinion, no one should be permitted to incite hatred towards mankind

In an interview on Sunday newspaper Illum, Saliba said that as a socialist he believes that asylum seekers should be helped and never left to their own devices in open seas.

Pointing out that migrants are taking life-threatening risks by crossing the open seas on rickety boats, Saliba acknowledges that desperation is driving thousands to search for a better life in Europe.

“However, Malta cannot face the humanitarian crisis alone,” Saliba said.

Asked if he believes in multiculturalism, Saliba said that racism is never acceptable and while everyone has a right to express an opinion, no one should be allowed to incite hatred.

“Having a multicultural society has its own benefits and it is up to us to learn better what these benefits are. Malta’s younger generation is more open to multiculturalism than the older generation and it is therefore imperative that together we overcome any fear of racial hatred,” he said.

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