Sharp decrease in enforcement actions by lands department

An average of three enforcement actions a month under Labour, down from 85 cases a month in 2012

The Lands Department has carried out 41 enforcement actions since Labour was elected to government in March 2013, showing a sharp decrease when compared to previous years.

In reply to opposition MP Jason Azzopardi, the junior minister responsible for planning explained that since March 2013, the department has carried out a total of 41 enforcement actions.

When asked whether this “meagre” number of enforcements reflected government’s lax attitude, Falzon insisted that the Labour administration was committed to enforce the law and reduce the number of illegalities on public land.

Previous records show that in 2012 alone, a total of 1018 enforcement actions were carried out while is in the previous year, a total of 993 actions were carried out. A further 777 actions were carried out in 2010.