Government to launch ‘Gaming Malta’ to promote iGaming

Parliamentary secretary for competitiveness re-affirms government's commitment to create a 'gaming academy' to bridge the gap between the skills of Maltese and foreign iGaming workers. 

The government will launch a scheme ‘Gaming Malta’ that will take care of the promotional aspect of iGaming, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitivenss and Economic Growth Jose Herrera said. He also re-affirmed the government’s commitment to create a ‘gaming academy’ that will bring Maltese gaming workers on par with foreign ones.

“A recent attractiveness survey by Ernst and Young showed that 77% of local ICT, telecommunications and gaming companies don’t think that the local market provides the skills they are looking for,” Herrera told the first edition of the ‘Summit of iGaming Malta’ that is expected to attract thousands of stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Economy Minister Chris Cardona cited the recent report by credit-rating agency Moody’s that confirmed Malta’s economic growth.

“We are sending a strong message to investors that Malta is a country adapted to their investments,” Cardona said. “The government is celebrating the success of investors because their success means that Malta has more high-quality workers.”

He said that Malta is managing to attract high-quality investment, citing the IBM Global Location Trends Report that ranked Malta second globally in the quality of foreign direct investment that it had attracted throughout 2013.

“The government is optimistic that this rhythm will continue, so much so that Malta Enterprise had already approved 17 new projects with direct foreign investment in the first six months of this year.”