Police to take action against Montekristo illegal zoo

Home Affairs Minister informs parliament that the Police will now be taking steps against illegalities at Polidano zoo

The Police will be taking steps against construction magnate Charles Polidano over infringements at his zoo in Montekristo.

In parliament, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela confirmed that the Police “will be proceeding” with their action.

He explained that a letter to Polidano was sent by the veterinary services on 18 July 2014 and talks took place between the Police and the Veterinary Services.

“On its part, the Police started investigating the case immediately,” Abela told parliament.

It was however agreed that the Police should first wait for the outcome of a series of meetings between the Veterinary Services and the zoo’s owner before taking any action. The agreement took place on advice of the Veterinary Services.

“The police is set to proceed now that it has the confirmation,” the minister said.

The government’s veterinary services department had already issued two warning letters to Polidano in 2012.