‘PN and Church share similar rebuilding challenges’ – Busuttil

Archbishop-elect says politicians and Church must work hand-in-hand to promote human and environmental rights.

Simon Busuttil with Charles Scicluna
Simon Busuttil with Charles Scicluna

The Nationalist Party and the Church face similar challenges in rebuilding the public’s faith in them, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil told Archbishop-elect Charles Scicluna.

“The PN has Catholic roots and while it is distinct from the Church, it remains respectful of it,” Busuttil said prior to a meeting with Scicluna.

Busuttil praised Scicluna as a “charismatic man of extraordinary intelligence who understands what the people want”.

Scicluna said that a strong Opposition is crucial in a democratic country and that politicians should work hand in hand with the Church in favour of human and environmental rights.

“The Church wants to promote a spirit of dialogue, become open to new ideas and promote the fundamental rights of every citizen,” Scicluna said.  

Scicluna will be formally installed as Malta's new Archbishop on Saturday during a ceremony at the Mdina Cathedral. 

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