EC approves Malta’s €17 million fund for asylum, migration and integration

The fund will finance returns of migrants to their country of origin, assist in migrant integration, and help provide migrants with accomodation, food and medical care

The European Commission has approved Malta’s €17 million Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for the financial period between 2014 and 2020.

In a statement, the government said that that this fund will improve the capacity of the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees, finance voluntary and forced returns of migrants to their country of origin, and assist in the integration of third-country migrants living in Malta.

It will also help provide migrants with adequate accommodation, food, and medical care.

“The €17,178,877 million obtained will continue to build on the various actions that are currently being implemented under the current funds envisaged to be completed by June 2015,” EU Funds Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg said.