In the Press: 55-year-old disabled man claims he was beaten by police

Stories from today’s national papers

The Times of Malta

55-year-old disabled man who claims he was beaten up by police in Gozo some five years ago says he could only file a formal complaint last April because eight lawyers would not take up his case. The lawyers refused the case on claims that they didn’t want to burn any bridges with the police. The man claims that he was beaten in his abdomen and that the handcuffs were on so tight they were cutting off the blood supply to his hands.


The European Council for Refugees had called for refugee relocation quotas from Greece to increase from 40,000 to 70,000. The call follows the rescue of some 2,500 in just the past couple of days. Home Affairs minister Carmelo Abela said it is not realistic to change quotas so quickly, but admitted that 40,000 is a very small number.

In- Nazzjon

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says the government is incapable of offering solutions to the crises in the health sector, traffic issues as well as the ever increasing incidence of theft on the island. During an interview on Radio 101 yesterday, Busuttil added that instead of facing these pressing issues, the government is mired in scandals.

The Malta Independent

Research by the universities of Oxford, Harvard and Nevada show that students perform better if school starts later. A current white paper suggesting that school hours be moved one hour earlier to curb traffic congestion during rush hours, is to be further discussed. The suggestion was a result of discussions between the education ministry and stake holders, and it recommends that lessons should start an hour earlier each morning, aside from the introduction of more extracurricular activities.