[WATCH] Children's Dreams Initiative 2015 launched

The initiative attempts to make the dreams of children in difficult social situations come true

Minister Michael Farrugia (Photo: Ray Attard)
Minister Michael Farrugia (Photo: Ray Attard)

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Social solidarity minister Michael Farrugia launched the Children's Dreams initiative for 2015's Christmas period.

"The initiative makes vulnerable and needy children happier during the festive season," said Alfred Grixti, CEO of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services.

Grixti said that the initiative is being launched again this year to assisst children going through a hard time to find some happiness.

Grixti said that the dreams were accessible on www.childrendreams.org as well as through the Appogg website.

Farrugia also explained that the names on the website are fictitious but the dreams submitted are not. "Last year, 875 children told us their dreams and 100% were achieved." This included helping children whose family home had burned down.

Appealing to the generosity of the Maltese people, Farrugia praised those who contributed to the initiative in the past and looked forward to the development of the initiative this year.

He added that the initiative also built a sense of generosity and altruism in the children themselves.

"So far, some 846 dreams have been assessed by social workers and found to be genuine and from genuine sources, but more stories are to be added later in December."

He added that so far only 1% of these dreams have been fulfilled and that enterprises and enrities in Malta were invited to make the dreams a reality.