‘Institutional corruption order of the day,’ PN says

Shadow foreign affairs minister Roberta Metsola on ‘government’s failure to reach the standards the Maltese public expects’

The Nationalist Party has accused the government of “failing to reach the standards the Maltese public” expected from its elected representatives.

Reacting to a press statement by environment NGOs, the PN said it was concerned by an Ombudsman report on a development permit – of a property connected to parliamentary secretary Ian Borg – which was issued in a “deliberate” and “devious manner”.

Citing leaked parts of the Ombudsman report – which has been passed on to the Commission Against Corruption – The Malta Independent on Sunday, said “Borg employed a devious method” of applying for the permit.

The development application lists third parties as property owners, although Borg is reportedly the actual owner.

Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar, Ramblers and Friends of the Earth called for Borg's resignation. The NGOs also called for measures to "weed out such corrupt manipulations and put into effect systems to ensure accountability and transparency".

On its part, MEPA defended the “correct and legitimate” permit, while complaining of the “selectively leaked” report.

Shadow foreign affairs minister Roberta Metsola said Borg was also responsible for €11 million of national funds having to be used to bailout the Coast Road project, after EU funds were withdrawn due to procurement irregularities .

"This is yet another case where this Government has again failed to reach the standards the Maltese public expects and deserves from its elected representatives. Its environmental credentials are non-existent, with institutional corruption and lack of any transparency being the order of the day. Malta deserves better,” she said.

“People expect political responsibility to be shouldered. The Prime Minister must act and not simply shrug it off. Unfortunately we have learnt not to expect any better from this Government,” shadow environment minister Marthese Portelli said.