EU relocation programme: six asylum seekers from Eritrea arrive in Malta

Today's arrivals bring to 21 the number of asylum seekers taken by Malta so far

In accordance with the EU plan of relocation of asylum seekers from Italy and Greece, six Eritreans arrived in Malta from Greece following the completion of required security checks. These asylum seekers were taken to the initial reception centre in Marsa where, in the coming days, health screening and applications for international protection will be held. 

After this process, they will be welcomed at the open centres run by the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers.

The 15 Eritrean asylum seekers who were relocated to Malta from Italy last week have already left the initial reception centre and are staying in open centre accommodation.

The European Commission is constantly monitoring the relocation process from Italy and Greece and is insisiting with member states that they act in accordance with the commitments taken last year.

"Malta is in line with these commitments—this shows that we do not only speak about solidarity but also put it into practice," the Ministry for Home Affairs said.

Minister Carmelo Abela called on the EU to make tangible progress in the implemenation of the measures agreed to with regard to the return of third country nationals who do not qualify for international protection.

"Similarly, an increased pace is required in the implementation of measures agreed upon with third countries and regions, such as those that were ironed out during the Valletta summit held in Malta last November. In particular, immediate action is needed to prevent further migrants embarking on illegal journeys," he said.

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