AD backs call for European Parliament inquiry into Panama Papers

Alternattiva Demokratika supports European Greens' call for the establishment of an inquiry by MEPs into the Panama Papers reveltations

AD secretary general Ralph Cassar
AD secretary general Ralph Cassar

Alternattiva Demokratika has backed a call by the European Greens for an EU parliamentary inquiry into the Panama Leaks revelations.

"Panama Leaks shows we have so far just been scratching at the surface of the odious tax avoidance practises employed by individuals and businesses around the world and Europe,” AD secretary general Ralph Cassar said in a statement. “The Panama Papers have shown that obligations under existing EU anti-money laundering legislation are not enforced by EU governments and authorities. It would appear that, as with the revelations in Luxembourg Leaks, EU institutions and governments have failed in their duty to enforce the law.

He added that Malta’s role in “global tax evasion and the use of fiduciary companies by people connected to the Italian Mafia” is also worrying.

“Normal working people contribute to society and public services through taxation while the super rich hide their money to avoid shouldering their responsibilities,” he said.

The Greens-European Free Alliance political group had earlier called for the establishment of an inquiry committee into the revelations.

“We will work to secure as broad political support as possible for the creation of such a committee,” economic and finance spokesperson Sven Giegold said. “We believe the mandate of this inquiry committee should also include the ongoing work of the EP's special committee investigating tax avoidance in the aftermath of Luxembourg Leaks. The work of this committee is still being hampered by the refusal of EU governments and the Commission to make all the necessary documents available, and having a stronger status would also help it fulfil its mandate."

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