In the Press: PM insists on waiting for audit results as PN calls for his resignation

Stories from today’s national papers

Thousands of people gathered at Castille to attend the PN's protest against corruption • Photo by Ray Attard
Thousands of people gathered at Castille to attend the PN's protest against corruption • Photo by Ray Attard

Times of Malta

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insists that no action can be taken over Panama scandal until audit is completed, amidst cries from the Opposition for him to step down, during a national demonstration against corruption in Valletta on Sunday afternoon. During the Labour annual general conference held earlier on Sunday, Muscat insisted he would take action if those involved in the issue were proved to be lying in an investigation by an undisclosed international firm.

In- Nazzjon

Opposition insists that the government has lost its moral authority to govern, as PN leader Simon Busuttil addresses thousands-strong crowd in Castille Square during Sunday’s demonstration against corruption. Busuttil stressed that international media are watching the situation unfolding closely, and that the public was speaking out against corruption, to “disassociate itself from its leader”.


The paper analyses the speeches made by Busuttil and Muscat at the demonstration against corruption and the Labour annual general conference respectively, labelling Busuttil’s intervention “hysterical” and Muscat’s “realistic”. Muscat discussed Malta’s successes and the government’s efforts to secure investment and employment in Malta, whereas Busuttil continues to sow dissention amongs the members of the public, the paper reports.

In another report, the paper reports that the Prime minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri has denied allegations made by the Australian Financial Review which claimed that Schembri had consulted Mossack Fonseca to purchase companies in Panama, a mere five days after the Labour party won the general election.

The Malta Independent

PN leader Simon Busuttil says Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has lost moral authority and is therefore unfit to govern. Speaking at yesterday’s mass rally against corruption, Busuttil insists it is in the interest of the country and of Muscat’s constitutional duty, that he abandons his post.

Muscat launches attack on PN and claims that its cedoli scheme is on a par with “bringing Panama to Malta”. Speaking at the PL General conference, Muscat highlighted the difference between legality and correctness, claiming that the scheme, although legal, was “no doubt corrupt”.