Greens four-square behind civil society protest

Opening secret offshore companies and accounts “is simply not on,” Alternattiva Demokratika chairman says  

Alternattiva Demokratika is four-square behind the Civil Society Saturday protest asking for Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri's resignation.  

AD Chairperson Arnold Cassola, said "we fully support this Civil society initiative because Malta needs politicians who behave ethically and in a fully transparent way.”

He said opening secret offshore companies and accounts “is simply not on.”  

The protest takes place on Saturday 7 May, and is organised by the Civil Society Network.

The Panama Papers revealed that Mizzi and Schembri had also attempted to open bank accounts in several countries, in order to use them in connection with their Panama offshore companies.

Branding Mizzi and Schembri's behaviour as unacceptable, Cassola said “the latter is playing the silent mummy. The former has hidden his company, lied to the people and taken all Maltese for a ride.  All details of the political deals he has been involved in have been kept secret from the Maltese people.”

He added that “these are not the Middle Ages where feudal lords do what they want. Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri must go."

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