All police officers to be entitled to half-day leave

All police officers to be entitled to half-day leave as of next year, maximum amount of hours of half day leave for officers to be increased to half their total vacation leave

All police officers will as of next year be entitled to half-day leave, the Police Officers Union and the Malta Police Association have announced in a joint statement. 

In a statement, the two unions noted that only police officers who work office hours are currently eligible to take half day leave. However, following pressure from the unions, the Police Commissioner agreed to extend such leave to all officers.

The amount of hours that police officers can utilize as half day leave has also been increased from a maximum of 40 hours to half the amount of total vacation leave that they are entitled to.

“These new conditions will allow police officers to strike a balance between their jobs and their personal lives,” the MPA and the POU said. “We are convinced that this will result in a happier, more motivated and more productive police force, and meanwhile create a higher degree of flexibility.”

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