CapitalOne | Beppe Fenech Adami should publish bank statements, Labour says

The Labour Party has suggested that the Nationalist MP's bank account balance increased substantially during the period when money laundering investigations were ongoing 

Economy minister has challenged PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami to publish his bank statements
Economy minister has challenged PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami to publish his bank statements

The deputy leader of the Nationalist Party, Beppe Fenech Adami, should publish his bank statements, complete with timelines of when funds entered what is now a "millionaire's" bank account, according to economy minister Chris Cardona.

"I challenge him to publish the statements. He is a public figure after all," Cardona said.

The minister was addressing a press conference together with MP Michael Falzon where the two accused Opposition leader Simon Busuttil of hiding behind the db Group case, in order to avoid taking action against Fenech Adami.

Last October, MaltaToday revealed that a money laundering case being investigated by local police following a request by Dutch authorities, had been abandoned after Fenech Adami's name cropped up.

An inquiry order in wake of the story concluded it could not exclude the possibility that the criminal investigation failed to gather steam when the name of Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami cropped up in January 2013. 

"To relieve pressure from Fenech Adami, Busuttil is systematically attacking Mario De Marco through his personal interlocutors Daphne Caruana Galzia and David Thake," Cardona said.

MP Michael Falzon said that the inquiry had shown "in the clearest manner" the investigation stopped once it was discovered that Fenech Adami was involved.

Moreover, Falzon said that certain documents related to the case had gone missing after the investigation had stopped.

"This is very worrying," he said. "The inquiry showed that there was no explanation for these documents disappearing."

According to Falzon, the public was asking what would have happened had the investigation been allowed to continue and that answers were expected from Busuttil. 

"One must also point out that at the same, time that these investigations were ongoing, his account increased to over €1 million. It must be asked whether this is simply a coincidence," he added.

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