Delia shuts down Debono couple rumours: ‘I never made deals with anyone’

Adrian Delia insists there’s no deal with Debono couple • Brushes off Marlene Farrugia’s comments as ‘noted... but it doesn’t make a difference’

PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia
PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia

PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia has denied rumours of a deal reached with the Debono power couple that would see Jean Pierre Debono giving up his seat in parliament, paving the way for Kristy Debono to become deputy leader if Delia is elected leader of the Nationalist Party.

The alleged deal was reported in Labour organ il-Kulhadd last Sunday – allegations which Delia vehemently denied.

“I never made any deals with Jean Pierre Debono, I have never made any deals with anyone,” Delia told MaltaToday.

The lawyer was replying to questions during a press conference held in Valletta, where he unveiled plans for self-employed companies that involved three main proposals: business clinics, access points, “buckets of hours”, where legal and financial professionals can offer their services to start-ups for free.

Delia was also proded on comments made by Partit Demokratiku leader Marlene Farrugia – elected to parliament on a PN ticket – who described the four leadership candidates as “non-starters”.

“I respect her opinion, and of course she’s entitled to it,” Delia replied. “But at the end of the day, this is an internal election, so her opinion doesn’t make a difference. So, noted, but it doesn’t make a difference.”

In presenting his proposals for self-employed, Delia said his plans also include repurposing local band clubs as office spaces for start-ups who need a place to work.

Under his leadership, he says, the PN will be a one-stop shop – dubbed ‘business clinic’ –for small business owners who need help.

“I appreciate that the PL went from a party who hates self-employed to a party that became more friendly with the sector.” contended Delia. “It’s now time for the PN to go back to the party once representing opportunities and the same party that led Malta into the European Union.”

Delia is also suggesting a "data bank", where startups can access the latest changes to laws. "Startups aren’t always knowledgeable about legal changes that come into force and sometimes information is not readily available."