Chris Said endorsed by PN MEP eyeing secretary general post

David Casa is backing Chris Said for Nationalist Party leader

David Casa is backing Chris Said for party leader
David Casa is backing Chris Said for party leader

Nationalist MEP David Casa, who has confirmed his wish to become the party’s new secretary-general, has publicly endorsed leadership candidate, Chris Said.

The endorsement was made during a political activity organised by Said’s team in Zurrieq.

The Europarliamentarian, who heads the PN delegation in Brussels, described Said as having the ability to unite the party, and reminded the party supporters that Said also had the experience.

The other three candidates are lawyer Adrian Delia, party treasurer Alex Perici Calascione and St Philip’s Hospital owner, Frank Portelli who this week was censored by the party for comments made deemed to fan xenophobia and homophobia.

Casa’s endorsement follows that of PN MP Edwin Vassallo, who has also publicly supported Said and has urged the party’s members to vote for Said.

Vassallo, who was addressing a political activity organised by Said in Imgarr, said that the Nationalist Party needed to reflect values that make society stronger.

He insisted that the PN would be mistaken to turn its back on Christian values, which are indispensable in a healthy society.
He called on Said to ensure that – if he became leader – the PN embraces those values that distinguish it from other parties.

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