GWU warns of civil servants’ unfair treatment

The GWU gave the Government eight days to rectify the situation before taking any further action

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) is accusing the government of treating some civil servants better than others, as it warns that those working under EU funds have been unable to switch to an indefinite contract.

In January 2017, all civil servants’ contracts, except EU funded roles, were reformed as indefinite.

“Public service workers who work under EU-funded projects work tirelessly to maintain good relations with EU institutions,” the GWU said.

Maltese civil servants’ roles involve EU funding, liaising with stakeholders in order to achieve Maltese-EU campaigns and relations.

Their work is clearly continuous and deserving of an indefinite contract, insists GWU. “The workers are facing difficulty working on the basis of a definite contract. They can’t plan for their future,” the Union said in a statement.

In the case that the Government does not find an appropriate solution in the coming week, the GWU does not exclude taking the situation in its own hands in order to protect the interest of its members.

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