Former AD chairperson Michael Briguglio seeks new political direction as PN member

Sliema local councillor Michael Briguglio could be expected to continue his political career within the PN, Facebook post reveals

Michael Briguglio (right) was an active campaigner against Labour’s egregious record on good governance and the environment
Michael Briguglio (right) was an active campaigner against Labour’s egregious record on good governance and the environment

The former chairperson of Malta’s green party Alternattiva Demokratika, Michael Briguglio, is now a member of the Nationalist Party.

The sociologist and Sliema local councillor said on Facebook he had taken up a PN membership in May, when at the time he had announced his resignation from the party he once helmed.

Briguglio at the time was campaigning for the PN-PD coalition, appearing by the side of PN leader Simon Busuttil during party rallies. He was vocal about his dissatisfaction with AD at not joining the coalition, which returned former Labour MPs Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia as MPs in the name of the Democratic Party.

Although an AD councillor, Briguglio was already estranged from the Green Party leadership.

Briguglio had back then described the coalition as “the only possible way to remove the Panama gang from power... [the coalition] is also proposing some great progressive policies. My only interest in the whole matter is to live in a normal European country,” in a reference to the offshore Panama companies scandal that engulfed the Labour leadership.

In a Facebook post commenting on Adrian Delia’s PN leadership bid, Briguglio – who does not have a vote in the contest – said he intended to contribute to the PN “in a constructive way”.

“My local council experience since 2003 taught me the value of doing in politics. And doing involves compromise, listening to others and evaluating different views. I want to do, and not merely talk or criticise.”

His comment was made with reference to the latest allegations surrounding Delia’s role in handling rent payments made to his Barclays International account in Jersey, from a Marshall Islands registered company for a London property.

A request by PN local councillor Charlot Cassar – also Briguglio’s collaborator in the NGO Front Harsien ODZ – has now led to the PN’s administrative council discussing Delia’s candidature, for next Monday.

“Many of us, myself included are in a coma on this whole issue. I honestly don’t know what to say other than what I am writing here. Let me however make it clear that I am in favour of journalists’ free speech, and thank god for that. We would have never known about Panama Papers otherwise.

“As regards candidates for PN leadership, I will not state my preference in public as I feel it would be imprudent given that I don't have a vote. I officially joined the party with a membership last May.”

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