Developers meet PN leadership candidates at their behest

Both Adrian Delia and Chris Said requested to meet the council of the Malta Developers Association, ahead of leadership election

The two Nationalist Party leadership contenders, Adrian Delia and Chris Said, held separate meetings with the Malta Developers Association Council.

The meetings, held at the request of the two candidates, turned out to be “two long, fruitful discussions”, the MDA said.

According to the association, both Delia and Said acknowledged the good work of the MDA and “its highly valid contribution” to the country.

Delia, who said he intends to work on a long-term plan up to 2050, agreed with MDA President Sandro Chetcuti that the construction industry is one of the most important economic sectors of our country.

Adrian Delia meets MDA council
Adrian Delia meets MDA council
Chris Said meets MDA council
Chris Said meets MDA council

He stressed the need to continue to promote investment in construction and promised that, if elected PN leader, he would co-operate with MDA as much as possible, the statement added.

Said praised MDA for its work. “He saw it being born and admires what it has achieved. It has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest local associations, that is making a valid contribution to the country and he noted that MDA could always see the big picture. Considering the proposals MDA submitted to the current administration, he could appreciate the tangible success achieved by developers, contractors and those involved in building services,” the MDA said.

Chetcuti promised both leaders that, in the interests of the building industry, MDA would co-operate with anyone chosen to become the leader of the Opposition.

Earlier this week, the two contenders also met with representatives of the GRTU.