Early voting: 2,050 PN members cast their vote in final round

Some 22,000 persons are eligible to vote in the final round to elect the Nationalist Party’s new leader

Photo: PN media
Photo: PN media

By 5.30pm, some 2,050 paid-up members had cast their early vote in the Nationalist Party’s election to elect a new leader, according to the party’s media.

The party opened its doors today to those members who will be abroad on September 16, the day in which the PN will be choosing Simon Busuttil's successor. The race is between former minister Chris Said and newcomer Adrian Delia.

Some 22,000 paid-up members (tesserati) are eligible to vote in the final round.

According to figures provided by the PN, 54.7% of the eligible voters are male, whilst 45.3% are women. The average age is 60.

NET news reports that 1,600 persons alone voted at the party’s headquarters at Tal-Pieta whilst 450 others voted at the PN’s sub-headquarters in Sannat, Gozo.

Today's voting closes at 9pm.

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