Attard road expansion will create more problems, Alternattiva Demokratika says

The new road in Attard will increase traffic rather than solve the problem, AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said

Malta needs less cars to solve the traffic problem, not more roads, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said as a new road expansion project in Attard has been announced.

The new road will take up a large amount of irrigated agricultural land. Cacopardo said the government not only had no idea of how to solve traffic problems, but it did not care about agriculture: "It is going to sacrifice the best type of agricultural land. Many are the farmers who depend on this kind of land for their produce."

AD's local councillor for Attard, Ralph Cassar said that while traffic was a big problem in the area and plans to build this road have been there for many years, more roads would lead to more traffic.

“So a more sustainable solution needs to be found. The government does not want to admit that the problem is that we have too many cars in the road and a lack of good alternative transport.”

Cassar said there is demand for a better public transport system which the government had to satisfy. “Many buses that pass through Attard do not follow schedule, and are often late or full,” Cassar said, calling for public transport to be given more priority.

“In the case of Attard, it is unacceptable that Transport Malta takes the easy way out, rather than look for alternative and sustainable solutions.”

It is also worrying, Cassar said, that not many young people are becoming farmers. “This sector is being sacrificed for the sake of development when new roads are built over agricultural land.”

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