Kappara project nearing final stages

Asphalting, sound barriers and street furniture in Kappara, which are 'expected to be completed, on schedule, by the end of the year'

The final two layers of asphalt are to be applied, sound barriers and directional signage to be installed, bringing the Kappara Project to its final stages of completion, according to Transport Malta.

Works are “expected to be completed, on schedule, by the end of the year,” said TM in a statement this afternoon.

Civil works have been completed, including pavements, underpasses and cycle paths. The base of the roads has been prepared and the first layer of asphalt applied, they said.

A series of sound barriers are also to be installed over both bridges, TM said.

“The sound barriers will help contain the noise generated by cars going over the bridges, minimizing the impact of the project for residents in the area.”

Parts of the project areas will be closed off in phases, diverting traffic, during the last stretch of the project.

TM said that by the end of 2017, drivers will be able to go from the direction of Paceville towards Valletta, San Gwann or Gzira and the same in the opposite direction.

The site remains a 30km/hr zone, TM added.

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