Russian whistleblower did not pass any documents to delegation, MEP reveals

MEP Ana Gomes tells newspaper that, contrary to previous reports, the whistleblower did not pass any Egrant documents to the delegation

The head of the EU delegation which visited Malta late last month, Ana Gomes, said that contrary to media reports and local blogs, whistleblower Maria Efimova did not, in fact, give any documents related to the Panama company, ‘Egrant’, according to a report by the newspaper Illum.

The whistleblower is the same one who alleged that documents which showed that ‘Egrant’ belongs to Michelle Muscat, the prime minister’s wife, can be found in a safe in the kitchen of Pilatus Bank.

Gomes did, however, confirm that the delegation spoke with Efimova, and said that they discussed the ways in which Pilatus Bank and offshore accounts operate.

Gomes said that during a video conference, Efimova made it clear that she could not reveal certain information, since she had passed it on to Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, who was leading the inquiry on the allegations made against the prime minister’s wife.

The MEP continued to say that the delegation was  still in the process of compiling information in order to arrive to a decision by January on the course of action to be taken. She said that the delegations was not considering hearing out Michelle Muscat’s version of events. 

Last month, it was revealed that a warrant for the arrest of Efimova was in fact issued, and that Magistrate Joe Mifsud ordered that her name be placed on a missing person’s list as she repeatedly failed to appear at court. 

Efimova left the country with her family, and told the London Times that if she were to come back, she would be killed.

Gomes said she was concerned for the safety of Efimova and her family, confirming that the delegation was aware of the arrest warrant for the whistleblower. The delegation believes that Efimova is an important aspect of the case and an important source for information.

The delegation will be releasing a report on the conference this week, Gomes said. 

When contacted by Illum, the remaining members of the delegation refused or failed to comment.

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