Influenza forces Gozo hospital to postpone non-critical operations

Gozo hospital follows Mater Dei in postponing surgeries as a result of a surge of influenza patients

Gozo General Hospital will postpost non-critical operations by a few days due to a large number of influenza patients.

During the last few days, Gozo Hospital faced a number of operational challenges due to a large number of patients seeking care with influenza symptoms.  

The hospital management has spoken to Heads of Departments and medical staff across the hospital and it has been decided that areas typically used for day cases would be temporarily used to provide care for those patients requiring inpatient treatment.

It has also been decided that certain, non-critical operations would be postponed by a few days, while the more critical operations would go on as normal.

“Hospital staff are doing everything in their power to ensure that patients in need are given adequate care and support during this time, and that the situation is back to normal as soon as possible,” the statement said.

“The hospital management takes this opportunity to thank staff for their continuous efforts.”