Update 2 | Grandmother who assaulted school head arrested

Head teacher is hospitalised following assault by student's grandmother • Incident happened on Tuesday morning at the Birgu primary school • Woman is under arrest and will be charged in the next 24 hours

The MUT has asked for increased security measures at schools
The MUT has asked for increased security measures at schools

Updated at 7.29pm with arrest details

Police have arrested the grandmother who assaulted her grandson's school head on Tuesday morning. 

The woman who dragged the headmistress at the Birgu primary school by her hair, is currently under arrest and is expected to be charged in court on Wednesday.

The incident happened at around 10.30am when the student's grandmother went to the school and asked to speak to the headmistress. Sources said the woman than assaulted the head, who was taken to hospital by ambulance.

In the wake of the incident, the Malta Union of Teachers renewed its call for increased security measures at schools.

The union said the head was carrying out her duties when she was assaulted by a relative of a student.

"The union will not accept this type of aggression and is expecting immediate investigations by the police and education authorities respectively," the union said, adding that it wanted all necessary action to be taken.

More condemnation

The Union of Professional Educators Voice of the Workers also condemned the aggression, adding this was the second case in as many months that an educator was attacked at the workplace.

The UPE said it was concerned that the public authorities failed to take the necessary action over the years to protect educators within State schools. "Measures need to be taken with immediate effect to strengthensecurity within every school in order to prevent such incidents from happening," the UPE said.


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