Police investigations into car-bomb suspects uncovers a web of criminality

Four men arrested on Thursday in a joint police-army raid continued being interrogated on Friday as investigations uncovered explosives, contraband cigarettes and drugs

Army bomb experts combed a field in Birzebbuga as part of the ongoing investigation
Army bomb experts combed a field in Birzebbuga as part of the ongoing investigation

Police investigations into the failed car-bomb attempt in Fgura last January have led to the discovery of contraband cigarettes, explosives and drugs.

Four men were arrested in Birzebbuga and Xghajra on Thursday morning in a joint raid by the police and army following weeks of surveillance by the security service.

The arrests are linked to the bomb that failed to explode on 4 January despite being detonated. The bomb was placed underneath a Mitsubishi Pajero, which was parked in a residential area when someone heard a strange noise and saw a spark.

The car belonged to a man known to the police.

The army’s bomb disposal unit managed to defuse the bomb, allowing investigators to extract the intact SIM card in the trigger device that helped them trace the perpetrators.

Sources said phone taps were used to monitor the four men, who were arrested yesterday.

One of the arrested men, Peter Paul Cachia, is the brother of PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia. She has disassociated herself from her sibling, insisting that justice should be allowed to run its course.

Sources said that during the intensive searches on various properties pertaining to the men, including a field and garage in Birzebbuga, police found large quantities of contraband cigarettes, drugs and explosive material.

Searches continued on Friday morning in a garage in Birzebbuga belonging to one of the suspects.

The police have until Saturday morning to charge the men in court before the 48 hours mandated by law lapse. If the men are not charged they will have to be released from arrest.