Authorities are protecting mastermind behind murder, Peter Caruana Galizia says

Speaking to the Guardian, Peter Caruana Galizia said that political interests were blocking the investigation

Peter Caruana Galizia on the crime scene shortly after his wife was assassinated
Peter Caruana Galizia on the crime scene shortly after his wife was assassinated

Parts of the government may be protecting the mastermind behind the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, her husband said, as he believes that police investigations are tainted by political interests.

Peter Caruana Galizia was speaking during an interview with the Guardian when he said that he does not see a full commitment to solving the crime.

“My sons and I are not convinced that our government really wants to establish who sent them, for fear such persons are in fact very close to our government. For this reason we may never know the truth,” he said.

The Guardian reported that officers are still working under the assumption that the mastermind is at large, and that the men who were arrested were tipped off before their arrest.

It further claimed that police believed that brother George and Alfred Degiorgio, and Vincent Muscat, were informed and prepared for their arrest when officers arrived.

In the interview, Caruana Galizia went on to explain that both political parties had turned against his wife. “They found it difficult to attack what she said, so instead they attacked her on a personal level. So she became also very recognisable because they had photos of her, screenshots,” he said.

“The more she gave, the more she got. It was a machine against one person really.”

The interview was part of the Daphne Project led by Forbidden Stories.

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